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London Gold

London gold is a precious metal margin trading method. Named for its origins in London. Its full name is spot gold margin trading, referred to as spot gold. It is a gold trading platform established by various gold companies, in the form of leverage to market traders to buy and sell online transactions, the formation of investment and financial projects.
Represented by the London and Zurich gold markets, the essence of this is to earn the difference by buying and selling gold. Its trading mechanism is flexible, investors can through the electronic platform 24 hours a day two-way T-0 operation, regardless of the gold price rise and fall have a profit opportunity


London Silver

London Silver (also known as spot silver) is a spot transaction, which refers to delivery after the transaction is completed or within a few days of delivery, is a kind of contractual trading using the principle of capital leverage.
Like spot gold, spot silver is a 24-hour investment commodity, with major markets around the world including London, Zurich, New York, Chicago and Hong Kong. Silver, as a scarce metal, has investment value in addition to industrial value, and spot silver is derived from financial products on this basis. Investors do not need to make physical delivery, but close positions at maturity to earn spread profits.



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